Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Meaning of Life

Is it the things earned, in time?
Is it the gifts given, on occasion?
In sentiments of close friends?

The forests shed in a timely manner;
to prepare to shed again?

As the tides roll in, do they consider their doings?

Just as the seed will grow with what it has,
the winds and weathers help shape it too.

Ponder the essence of meaning;
while expectations would be pleased with simplicity,
find what you will.


In the student's faux direction;
there is a call to realise.

In the giver of affection unwanted,
there is hope of a better future.

On the flower's face;
is a beauty there to hold.

To take time from the race to nowhere,
to remove want and listen,
to hear and understand what is spoken.

With patience comes peace and quiet.
In this there is the subtle voice of all.

John 14:5